Be sure to inquire if your florist has done weddings at your ceremony and/or reception sites before. 

She may have pictures of arrangements done at your site and will be knowledgeable about what sizes, shapes and colors work in the space. 

At the very least, bring along some sort of photo in case she has never worked a wedding there before, so that you’re starting with some idea of the space.


Timing is everything, especially when it comes to buying red roses.  Marrying around Valentine’s Day will be expensive. 

Expect a significant increase in the price at Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.


TRUST US.  We have done hundreds of weddings and know what to expect.  We will not guide you down a path you shouldn’t go.


Consider the season in which you are marrying when deciding on which flowers you want in your arrangements. 

Summer beach weddings can’t handle delicate spring flowers.  We will help you decide what will be hardy and stand up to your wedding location.


Remember:  size matters!  Be sure your bouquets aren’t too heavy or too hard to carry.

And don’t choose the bridal and attendant’s bouquets without regard to the style of the girls’ body shape. 

A delicate nosegay will get lost against an elaborate ruffled dress, and a petite bride will be overshadowed by a massive cascading bouquet.


Be sure your bouquet isn’t too fragrant—you don’t want to be sneezing down the aisle!

Some of the more fragrant flowers include freesia, lilies, lilac and stock. 

Go lightly on these blooms for your sake, your attendant’s and your guests, too!


Have your flowers delivered before the photographer’s arrival. 

They will be boxed and well misted—that way they will look fresh through the ceremony and reception. 

Be sure to keep them in a cool area out of the sun’s path—direct sunlight will speed up the wilting process.


If you’re keeping bouquets in vases of water, don’t forget to dry the stems thoroughly before handing them to the girls. 

You don’t want big water stains on the fronts of all the dresses moments before they take the aisle.


You don’t have to toss the actual bridal bouquet—many brides have us create a smaller bouquet for the traditional ritual. 

It is an extra fee, so be sure to pick a low-maintenance arrangement. 

There’s no need to break your budget on this bouquet.